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We are group of companies involved in manufacturing various Industrial Electrical & FRP products and are supplying to various types of industries in India since 1997.


FRP Products: Our group promoted a Company called Sumip Fibreglass Products in the year 1989-90, to manufacture FRP enclosure, motor canopies etc by contact moulding process. In the year 1994 we started manufacturing machine molded DMC enclosure, from the DMC moulding compound’. The products manufactured by us are very well accepted by the industries as   of its proven quality and due to the confidence they experienced from our products of M/s.Shrenik & Company. Taking into consideration of the support from market and industries, we thought of making FRP Cable Trays, FRP Ladders, and due to this we promoted a new company in the year 1997-98 & shifted all our activity of Sumip Fibreglass Products to our new company Sumip Composites Pvt. Ltd. Here, we started manufacturing Cable Tray with the help of Pultrusion Machine in 1999 for making fiberglass sections/ profiles used in FRP Ladders, FRP Cable Trays & other products manufactured by us. 


Sumip Composites Pvt Ltd. is known for the quality performance of its fiberglass products be it Cable Trays, Street Light Pole, Ladders, Trefoil Clamps Luminaries etc. It is company promoted by a group manufacturing industrial electrical and instrumentation products for last three decades, specially designed for the use in various applications.


Recently, we have expanded our production capacity by separating the product range to individual plants via; GRP Cable Tray to Unit III and GRP Lighting Pole to Unit II and other products to Unit I, looking to the  demands from the valued clients.


Our entire range of products and systems are the results of continues innovation and R & D.  We are following Indian Standard as well as international standards like NEMA, ANSI etc in the manufacturing of various types of FRP products.


Sumip has developed quality system to assure our customer for the reliability and consistency of our products and our services.  All aspects of our operations from design and development to production and product delivery are dedicated to ensure superior performance which is reliable.


Please also note that we have in house facilities for all our products & laboratory to check input raw material.


Today SUMIP’s Team has vision and mission both on agenda to reach new heights.

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